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21st SEPTEMBER, 2004

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Both the Paris and Sydney Motor Shows are featuring exciting products. But will there be a surprise or two? Should all announcements be kept for the show itself or should all publicity be available prior to the event? Either way, both events are bound to be successful with many new models at each. We'll do a wrap on each, after the event, so the highlights can be recorded on one page for easy reading.

Enjoy your week!

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Stephen Walker


1903 Buick
1903 Buick

In this issue:

  • The Editor's Desk
  • Contents
  • Road Test - Peugeot 307 CC coming along this week
  • First showing - Porsche Cayenne
  • Looking Back - Land Rover Series III
  • Last weeks news summary
  • Pick of the news
  • Coming event - Motorfest 2004, Saturday 2nd October 2004, Tuncurry NSW
  • Car Club Corner
  • Looking Back - David Buick and a photographic selection of cars which carry his name
  • First showing - Maserati Spyder 90th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Housekeeping

  • 2004 Peugeot 307 CC

    2004 Peugeot 307 CC

    See the Peugeot 307 CC road test
    on our website this week.

    Other road tests are here.

    The new 2005 Porsche Cayenne
will debut at the 2004 Paris Motor Show
    Next Car was the first Australian media outlet
    to show a photograph of the 2005 Porsche Cayenne       ...... more

    Looking very similar to the Series IIA, the Land Rover Series III came along in 1971 with an all syncromesh gearbox and an ergonomic interior.


    Land Rover series III

    Land Rover series III


    • Holden Monaro VZ series
      13th September, 2004
      The new Monaro CV8 will arrive by month-end with more power, better brakes and (depending on your viewpoint) more style ..... more

    • Mercedes-Benz Sports Tourer
      13th September, 2004
      The innovative Sports Tourer concept developed by Mercedes-Benz is becoming more and more versatile ..... more

    • Kia Sportage
      14th September, 2004
      The new Sportage will arrive locally in early 2005. In the meantime, an example will be displayed at the 2004 Australian International Motor Show ..... more

    • Mercedes-Benz Citaro Fuel Cell bus
      14th September, 2004
      Three Mercedes-Benz fuel cell buses will operate in Perth during a 2-year field trial ..... more

    • Maserati Spyder
      14th September, 2004
      A limited edition Spyder is announced just as Maserati is about to celebrate its 90th anniversary. Next Car is the first Australian media outlet to publish an image of this model ..... more

    • Hyundai's Sonata replacement
      14th September, 2004
      The Paris Motor Show is the venue for the world debut of the all-new Hyundai Sonata, which will be longer, wider and faster than the current model.

    • Porsche Cayenne
      15th September, 2004
      The all-terrain Porsche has new features for 2005. Next Car is first with the news (in Australia) ..... more

    • Alfa Romeo 147
      16th September, 2004
      Another new model for a Paris Motor Show debut ..... the 2005 Alfa Romeo 147 ..... more

    • Plans for Jaguar's future
      19th September, 2004
      Jaguar, facing profitability problems, announces plans to fight back. The plans confirm a 2006 introduction of the 'X150' all-aluminium sports car ..... more

    • Chevrolet S3X for Paris Motor Show
      19th September, 2004
      GM will show its Chevrolet S3X concept car at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. Will its Daewoo derived production model wear a Holden badge? ..... more

    All these stories and the previous news stories can be accessed
    from our NEWS PAGE.
    Simply click on the link above.


    After reading the news of the week, which story did you enjoy the most?

    The modern Monaro never seemed to pack the excitement of its namesake, despite the abundance of power that it has on offer. It was more a visual thing. But the new VZ Monaro, complete with its fake bonnet scoops seems to partly address the lack of visual excitement. Coupled with the right colour choice the new Monaro looks much better that the outgoing model. And that is good news, because all cars should look good ..... read the story  here

    Stephen Walker

    6th annual MOTORFEST 2004

    sponsored by MID COAST FORD

    Proudly presented by the

    Great Lakes Historic Automobile Club Inc

    Enqiries: Ray Sonter (02) 6557.5567
    or Bob Burns (02) 6555.8111

    When: Saturday 2nd October 2004 from 9:30 AM

    Where: John Wright Park, Tuncurry NSW

    The show is open to ALL motor vehicles:
    vintage, classic, sports, hot rods, motor cycles, commercials.

    Modern or old, it doesn’t matter, if  you’re proud of it, show it.

    Trophies are on offer. No entry fee for entrants and spectators.

    Make a weekend of it, in the beautiful Great Lakes.
    Enjoy your hobby and enjoy the coast.
    Does life get any better?

    Motorfest 2004
    Motorfest 2004
    Click image for a larger view

    Car Club Corner

    Here's a listing of some of the nation's car clubs.


    David Dunbar Buick

    David Dunbar Buick

    David Dunbar Buick

    The 150th anniversary of the birth of David Dunbar Buick, founder of the Buick company, was commemorated Friday 17th September, 2004 in Flint, Michigan and in Arbroath, Scotland. David Buick was born in Arbroath 17th September, 1854. In Arbroath, local resident Eric Buick (no relation) spoke at the site of a plaque near David's birthplace and hosted a luncheon. In Birmingham, Michigan, the founder was recognised at a dinner tied to the Ryder Cup and Buick's involvement with golf. In Flint, Michigan, which was Buick Motor Division's hometown for 95 years, the Sloan Museum, its Buick Gallery and Research Centre and the Longway Planetarium was open free of charge Friday through Sunday, courtesy of Buick. David Buick became a Detroit plumbing inventor and executive before incorporating Buick Motor Co. in 1903. The company was sold to a Flint wagon firm later that year, and in 1904 Flint industrialist William C. Durant took charge. Durant made Buick a big success by 1908, when he formed General Motors, using Buick as his financial foundation. David Buick left the company soon afterward. He died in Detroit in 1929. Burial was in Woodmere, Detroit. A Michigan historical marker commemorating Buick was recently installed outside GM headquarters at Renaissance Centre, Detroit.

    1905 Buick Model C
    1905 Buick Model C

    1925 Buick Model 25X
    1925 Buick Model 25X

    1936 Buick Century
    1936 Buick Century

    1947 Buick Super convertible
    1947 Buick Super convertible

    1955 Buick Roadmaster
    1955 Buick Roadmaster

    1963 Buick Riviera
    1963 Buick Riviera

    The new Maserati Spyder 90th Anniversary Limited Edition 
will debut at the 2004 Paris Motor Show
    Next Car was the first Australian media outlet
    to show a photograph of the new
    Maserati Spyder 90th Anniversary Limited Edition
    ..... more


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